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At ZaraDonate our dedicated team of expert volunteers brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the forefront. Their commitment to our mission enriches every endeavor, ensuring that we collectively contribute to positive change and make a lasting impact.

Jack Carney


Catherine Rosin


Stacy Eastland


Angela Ogden


Renee Brown


William Greene


Lily Rodriguez


Donald Branum


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Water today. Health tomorrow.
Hope for generations.

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  • Recruit volunteers from our corporate partners
  • Match volunteers to the specific skills you need
  • Request donations button for 501c3 organizations
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Our philosophy revolves around empowerment, compassion, and sustained positive impact—guiding our efforts to create a brighter and better world for all.

At the heart of our organization lies a commitment to empowerment, innovation, and positive change for a brighter collective future.

Embarking on the Journey of Adoption: Fostering Love, Creating Families, and Building Futures. Learn more about the transformative power of adoption and how it shapes lives.